Home foot care services in Newark and local areas

Whether it’s helping with toenails or painful corns, we can provide you with excellent services for every scenario in the comfort of your own home. We are punctual and reliable , very friendly and knowledgeable Foot Health Professionals

Professional foot care

In your own home.

Age can take its toll when it comes to feet, making walking difficult and those day-to-day activities even harder to carry out. It can also get in the way of other activities such as climbing the stairs or walking on slopes. At Heavenly Steps, we can help with a range of ailments. For instance, unsightly toenails, corns and hardened skin. All of our services are aimed to reduce your pain and discomfort and ensure you can maintain an active lifestyle. We have appointments in the clinic at Heavenly Steps with Joanne Taylor or for a home visit we have Martin Avis

What can I help you with?

Toenail trimming
Callus removal
Ingrowing toenails
Cracked dry heels
Specialist Fungal Nail treatments
Verruca treatment

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Here at Heavenly Steps, we are happy to accept mobile and clinic customers throughout Newark and local areas. Mobile home visits are especially for the elderly or housebound clients who would struggle to get into the clinic in town, but we visit everyone who would prefer a home treatment. Get the help that you need, whether it’s toenail trimming, corns or ingrowing toenails, and treat yourself to a foot massage as well. Call us today to book an appointment. Martin can be reached on 07792 175170

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