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Joanne Taylor and Samantha Binnington are both available for appointments at Heavenly Steps to cover Clinic appointments. We also have other FHP’s working with us

Heavenly Steps, 47-48 Stodman Street, Newark, NG24 1AW. Appointments are available. Get in touch with Joanne on 07970 673128

Specialist Care

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Foot pain can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Hence, it is important to see a specialist if you have an on-going foot health problem that won’t go away by itself. Toenails are susceptible to fungal infection. We have a specialized fungal nail treatment plus an effective fast acting verruca treatment. These are both working extremely well, If you are suffering from a fungal infection or nasty verrucae, get in touch with me. These services are both available at the Heavenly Steps Clinic.

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